Reasons Business’ Hire PPC Managers

PPC Agencies Have Experience Working in Your Industry and with Similar Companies

PPC experts often already have experience with clients in your industry, as well as the know-how necessary to give you a competitive advantage. Hiring a Seattle PPC agency that has worked with your competition in the past can be extremely beneficial. Most companies won’t take on two clients that are in direct competition to each other, but hiring an agency that has worked for your competitors or similar companies in the past, can be a huge advantage.

The Cost Advantage of Hiring A PPC Agency Can be Huge

Hiring an experienced in-house PPC analyst can will likely cost on average of around $45,000 per year with the added expense of benefits, possible training, pay raises, and bonuses. Hiring on an outside agency will cost far less. A PPC agency will cost around $3000 per month, not only does this save you money, but an agency provides you with not one expert but rather a whole team.

Having the Expertise to Run a PPC Campaign is Essential to its Success

As we discussed before, a PPC campaign is more than keywords, bidding, tracking, research, and ad copy, though are all essential to the success of the campaign. Knowing the ins and outs of PPC is extremely important. Keyword research is a lot of work and choosing the right keywords can make or break a campaign. Using the wrong ad copy can results in low conversions.

Understanding landing page design and how it relates to conversions is also very essential to your ROI. A page constructed to convert well will be the final piece of the lead puzzle.

There are many components involved with each PPC campaign and a PPC expert is able to bring everything together to help you increase leads, conversions, and ultimately profits. If you have the expertise and time to run your own PPC campaign, go for it! If not, your best bet it to hire a Seattle PPC expert that can handle it for you.